*** NEW RECORDINGS COMING SOON (t.b.a., Winter 2022)

If you are looking for authentic and groovy rock music, this is the right place.
The band indigoblack was influenced by rock music in all its styles – i.e. grunge, alternative, psychedelic, 70s, blues, hard rock, progressive and even more.

Organic sounds, passionate grooves and extraordinary arrangements, crowned by a unique voice – indigoblack have created their own form of rock music. The love for rock in all its styles is reflected in their innovative songs and compositions. indigoblack’s music is always dynamic, sometimes psychedelic and complex at the same time, and even in its soft moments it always sounds highly explosive…

The five experienced musicians (formerly LAW – Life after Weekend / Sounds of Merlin) show an enormous joy of playing and experimenting and thus create unforgettable atmospheric, unique rock music.